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Having problems with my acura mdx 2004. Started out a few weeks ago with one day of difficulty changing gears and the d5 acting as neutral and difficulty reversing. Next day everything worked fine. Fast forward two weeks the car doesn't want to go in reverse in occasion but drives fine in all gears for about a mile then acts as if it is in neutral. I turn of the car and turn it back on and everything works fine, including revwrse, for another mile or so then I have to turn it off again.

I had a car savvy friend check it out and the only reading he got was a sensor so he cleaned it and put it back in. No more warnings on his diagnostic machine and no lights on in the dashboard. Still not driving right so I took it in to a shop and they are telling me their diagnostics machine just says transmission so they will have to take off the transmission and check it out ($500 just to look at it) they also said that it will more then likely need a completely new transmission.

Feeling a little hesitant in this as I can still drive the car and turning it off and back on gives it a temporary fix. Also feel like its a little hasty to make the determination in 5 minutes.

Please, any thoughts?
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