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Acura-izing the CR-V

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Hey guys, I saw some speculation (I think it was by megabucks and renov8r) in an earlier thread about the possibility of upscaling the 2nd gen 'V to compete with the likes of the Land Rover Freelander and possibly the BMW X3. There is an interesting article at Edmunds about a fancy schmancy CR-V ("CR-V OpenAir") that Honda recently showed at Geneva. It would look very nice with the Acura logo on the front IMO :) (BTW, in a recent comparo in Truck Trend the regular 2nd gen 'V already receives a better overall score than the Freelander which costs rougly $30K, as well as the RAV4 and Escape. The comparo is not available on-line AFAIK).

Here's the link to the Edmunds article on the CR-V OpenAir (courtesy of CR-Vince):

And here's a pic of the CR-V OpenAir (courtesy of Edmunds):


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I think you'll be halfway there by painting your bumpers and body side moulding body color...
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