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Acura Concierge Service

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Has anyone used the Acura Concierge Service?

I am planning a trip to Austin, Texas in a few weeks, and while I have mapped it out on Mapquest, I am going try the concierge service and see how that works out.

Just wondering if anyone else has used the trip planning service provided?


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I'll be watching replies. Expect my "X" early April. Making trip through TN, NC and on to VA in June.

Didn't ordered nav.

Went through your neck of the woods last August on way to Blue Ridge Parkway. Got lost big time on your city! Sure could have used nav on that trip.

Have mapped out this year's trip and am wondering about concierge service too.
Wow fancourt you too.

Same time frame I will be getting mine and I am plaing a trip to FL in June, will be driving, drooool!

I think.......nah I wont call my salesperson. :)
Wooo Pig Soouie

Hey Fan,

Glad you liked our area. It is an awesome place to live. It can be confusing to drive in, but it is great to live here. Once the new road between here and Asheville, NC is finished and becomes I-26, there'll be a lot more travel through here. You should see the follage during the fall, truly spectactular. If I didn't have to see all that UT orange all the time it would be utopia. (I'm an Alabama grad)

While you'll be in this area later this year, I'll be driving through your state in a couple of weeks on my way to Austin, Texas. I'll probably stop for the night in either Little Rock or Texarkana. It might be tempting to stop at Doe's in Little Rock for some tamales and red meat.......

I went ahead and ordered the trip planner from Acura's Concierge Service today. They said it would be here in a week or so. I'll post a report of it when I get it.

We wandered around Johnson City for an hour lost! Flew to Knoxville (to avoid the I40 construction between the Rock and Memphis and then Nashville and Knoxville), picked up a rental and drove to Blowing Rock. Beautiful country!

We enjoyed it so much am going to drive it again but this time all the way in my new MDX. Yes!!!

By the by, my daughter lived in Austin (now back in Annapolis) and we would drive exactly 515 miles door to door. My '98 Accord V6 gets all the way to the other side of Waco on a tank of gas. Wife needs a pit stop before that though. We'd make it in exactly 8 hours.

Did you hang with Bill Clinton at Doe's??


Nah, I don't hang with Slick Willie at Doe's. I once had my travel agent try to get me the "Paula Jones Suite" at the Excelesor and not thinking she would actually do it, asked them for it. She said they were not amused and I ended up across the street at The Capital Hotel.....oh well.

What is the status of I40 between Memphis and the Rock? Also, what is the travel time between Little Rock and Dallas. I figure I can leave the TriCities very early and with a little luck be in Memphis around noon and into Little Rock before 3pm. Do I push on to Big D or stop in Texarkana? I'm leaving on a Saturday and don't have to be in Austin until Monday morning.

When you drive up here in your MDX, consider taking I40 into Asheville then into Blowing Rock, I think that is an easier drive than coming into Johnson City. When you get closer to time let me know and I'll give you some good shortcuts to avoid spending an hour in my fair city. (Unless you just want to!)

Acura Road Side Assistance

I don't need the conceirge service because I have navigation but the road side assistance I have used. I'm from NJ but got a flat in New Orleans, LA. I called roadside from a pay phone, the operator couldn't have been more helpful. He offered to phone the police since its a bad area but I told him it ok. Within 15 minutes a tow truck was there and the driver offered to tow it to a car shop. I just had the mechanic put the spare on for me since I prefered using the mechanic's jack. Then off I went and the bill was picked up by Acura.
I had a wheel almost fall off once when driving my family's Chrysler Sebring(aka Sh*!bring) and I sure could have used some Acura Roadside Assistance.

Go to

You can get daily updates of construction on I40 and, I think, sign up for an e-newsletter with updates.

Went up to Memphis 2/16 (8 days after ordering MDX-who's counting?) and it was easy. A little slow over the MS River bridge. Construction activity will be heating up soon though.

Gaawd it's an ugly drive between here and Memphis!

BTW "old" Excelsior is now the Peabody--ducks and all.

Figure 5 to 5 1/2 hours to Dallas from LIT. You'll have a long haul to make it from Johnson City to Texarkana.

We plan to drive to Asheville and overnight. Then I40 to Raleigh/Durham and I85 on to Virginia Beach--family wedding in June.

Wander leisurely back toward home with stops in Williamsburg, Boone/Blowing Rock and take Blue Ridge to Asheville. We missed that part of the parkway last year.

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Thanks for the great road info. I'll be sure to check it before hitting I-40. I agree with you about the drive from Memphis to Little Rock. Good grief it is the most boring stretch of interstate in the US. I used to drive it about once a month a few years ago, and I always welcomed the tower at the Remington Plant when heading west, as it meant I was almost to Little Rock.

Interesting the Peabody bought that hotel. I wonder if they rent out Slick Willie's Paula Jones suite??

Sounds like you'll have a great drive when you come this way. You should stay at the "Grove Park Inn" in Asheville, truly a wonderful hotel. Even if you don't stay there you should go see it, it is really great.

The Blue Ridge Parkway in an MDX with the sunroof open is something I want to do fairly soon. The air is so crisp and fresh and you want to just breath it in gulps. You'll enjoy the trip.

Thanks for the info. If you see a Black MDX zipping through Little Rock in a couple of weeks it just might be me.

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Hey MikeinTN,

Did you buy your MDX in Johnson City and if so how did they treat you?

I did not buy mine in Johnson City, although I would have liked to. However, Bill Gatton Acura here in JC is a low volume Acura Dealer and does not get many MDXs.

I was in the market for an SUV and the MDX was a late addition to the models I was considering. While in Nashville on a business trip I called several Acura dealers to attempt to find one to test drive.

I found two on the lot at Pye Acura in Chattanooga and drove over that same day to test drive one. I liked the black/ebony touring model they had on the lot, test drove it on Thursday afternoon, had them evaluate my trade, and bought it on Friday and drove back down on Saturday to pick it up.

Pye treated me very well and was a low key, low hassel sale. I paid MSRP for the MDX, but they gave me several thousand more for my trade than the Chevy and Jeep dealers I was talking to, so I got the MDX for not much more than a Grand Cherokee or Tahoe would have cost me. Ask for Reta Maynor and she will treat you right.

I also spoke with the Knoxville dealer and they said they had several unsold units coming in late March, early April. Ron Solomon was the guy I talked to and he seemed very knowledgeable and willing to sell at MSRP.

I think Bill Gatton in JC is a good dealer and I hope their service department is good, as that is where I will have some work done.

Good Luck!

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back to the subject

I can't agree less with manus1980's comment that you do not need the service because of the Navi. In my opinion - they're complimentary to each other. While Navi serves you on the road, trip package helps you to plan where to stop, what road to chose, etc. I've just ordered a package for my trip and should get it in 7-10 b.days. So far, I was very pleased by very friendly service. Quick and easy. But more important, - how helpful will be the content. Will see.
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