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Acura Club of Texas - Its Time for another Austin Drive - Oct. 13th

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Hey if anyone in TX is interested, The Acura Club of Texas is putting together a meet and leisure drive in Austin. The date has been set for Oct 13th, 2007with most usually staying overnight (drink and drive a no-no!) I'm planning to go and really don't want to be the only MDX to show. So if you are any a bit interested, follow the link to AZ, check it out and possibly join the fun. Any Austin venue ideas are greatly suggested! :29:
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If anyone is interested, please reply to this post so I can link this thread for possible attendance. Just a reminder that this is open to anyone who want to come and have a good time. You don't have to currently own/lease an Acura, just being enthused about an Acura is enough!

Check out the club site also!! Acura Club USA
31 looks and no one is interested? :confused: Come on, I know there are a lot of you that are in Texas! Don't let the TLs, CLs, and the others intimidate ya! Mods or not, everyone is welcome!

Details have been finalized! Check out the attached flyer!!!


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