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Acura Cargo Tray vs. Weathertech cargo tray

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I'm not on the PC much, but this site is almost addicting! You vets are great. I'm picking up my black/saddle touring on Wed.(Hope I'm not late for turkey day Thur.) I had originally included Acura all weather mats and a cargo tray as part of the deal. I assumed that they would be the tan color of the interior until I stumbled on a thread here that said all black. I'm canceling the all weather mats and ordering the tan Weathertechs from I also read a thread that the Weathertech mats are rigid and don't fold up real well. Can someone tell me if the Weathertech cargo tray can fold up when the third seat is up (or go under it)and be stored easily? I think someone said the Acura tray rolled up nicely. Ordered the BSMs from Tim; I'll do those for my appetizer I'm about to order my Zaino & the 100% towels from the web site that was posted. here. Also, I want to get the PIAA yellow fogs; any one have any suggestions where to get them quickly?
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Here is the link for the PIAA fog lights:

I do not have the WT cargo mat so cannot comment here, but thought it should be rolled up easily like that of Acura.

We have the weather tech mats, but an Acura cargo tray. The mats are tan and very flexible- rubber. I wanted tan and liked the coverage and design (ridges and lip) better.

As for the tray, I sacrificed the color match- tan- for just black, due to cutouts for cargo net. From what I can tell, no one else has the cut-outs. The tray is flexible, but not as much as the mats. It's made out of a different polymer. It can roll up easily, but doesn't fold that well. ( I don't think it can fit in that back comp. I just rolled mine up and left it on top back there.
Hope this helps.

Have Fun!

Look in the Gallery. There is a pic of the cargo tray rolled up behind the third seat. It used up all the floor space though.
I have the WeatherTech mats and cargo tray. The mats are very flexible, and roll up easily. The tray is made of a different type of rubber, but also rolls up easily; it is shipped rolled up in an approximately 8" x 8" box.
Husky Liner

The Husky Liner is another good choice. I've got it. It is flexible rubber, rolls easily, and has raised 'mesas' over the cargo hooks. You can cut out the tops of these mesas to allow access to the hooks without letting any soggy goo in the cargo tray to leak out.

The Husky Liners for the MDX come in black and tan. (I have tan.) Both product numbers begin 2430, with a fifth digit denoting color. 3 is for tan, so my number was 24303.

The best price I found on them is at California Auto Trends, aka NordLeth. They charge $66.03 plus $15.00 shipping (and $5 tax for CA folks) if you join their Buyer's Club mailing list. I was very pleased with NordLeth's service -- they were polite and knowledgable on the phone, and delivered my liner just two days after I ordered it.

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow

Beachman said:
Also, I want to get the PIAA yellow fogs; any one have any suggestions where to get them quickly?
Send a personal message (pm) to Ron - he's making an order. He indicates we can get a group buy going for a decent price. I'm getting a pair of these myself.

Post a pic when you get your new 'X!
Looking for picture of Husky cargo tray


Did you ever post a picture of your Husky cargo tray?
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