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Acura Calling......

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:) :) :)

Got the call from Acura today.......and the build date for my X is Friday, January 18th.:p

Even with Alliston only three hours away, dealer says plan on 10 day delivery. Must take the long way around:rolleyes:

Have received the weathertec mats from Tim...contemplating next accessories.:D

Thanks to all of the forum contributors. Your knowledge and shared experiences helped me select this vehicle.

Now,just 26 days and counting......
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Hi: Let me tell you the wait is worth it. I have had my 2002 for two months now...what a vehicle. Never had a vehicle like this...very very very satisfied.

I definitely agree with canmdx5, I am 3 days away from exactly one month with my X and I LOVE IT! I am sure you will enjoy the X as much as I do mdxpursuit.

Hi mdxpursuit,
I was planning to visit Tim over the Christmas, but only to find out that my passport expired in July 2001.:mad:
Anyway, I purchased the W/T mat from a local supplier here in Ottawa, paid quite a bit more (for convenience I guess) but I got them right on my way to pick up my X from the dealer. These mats are GREAT, you are going to love it.
What taxes and duties did you end up paying? Did you have to pay New York state tax? I have yet ordered anything from Tim, since I cannot figure how the Cdn taxes and import duties work. All I know is you have to pay UPS some broker fees which covers the taxes and duties :confused: What is your experience?
Wongster said:
Hi mdxpursuit,
I was planning to visit Tim over the Christmas, but only to find out that my passport expired in July 2001.:mad:
While a passport is preferable for travel to the US from Canada, it is not required. A birth certificate or other document proving your citizenship/landed immigrant status, plus a photo ID (e.g., driver's license) will do fine. A driver's license alone, however, might not be enough at some border crossings these days.
my 2002 black/ebony touring with navagation

the best suv/car/truck i had ever owned the navagation is amazing so easy and accurate. and i have seen alot of bad navagation systems. got mine in december 2001 1500 miles and it great my first and suv and would reccommend for anyone young or old children or no children it does everything and drives amazing 2002 is quieter than ever the extra insulation they added really quieted the suv just like the lexus rx300. :D :D


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I am in Alberta and I ordered the BSM from Tim. The cost of $98 US plus about $30 Canadian (for GST and Custom Clearance) for a total cost of about $185 Canadian...Still better than the $270 or so the dealer is charging...
Canadians buying from Tim


My weathertec mats from Tim cost me about $2.00 less then the Acura all weather mats through the local dealer.

In summary, after Tim's costs ($108 US) exchange, PST, GST, broker fees I believe my weathertecs came in about $220 Canadian. As I said to Tim, not a great savings, but higher quality and who wouldn't want to support a business that has such high customer service standards.:D

I think the best deal is to drive over, have everything installed and declare what you want or feel you have to.;)

Hope there are no border patrol lurkers in this forum :cool:
I agree 200%. My next trip to Toronto will be in March (either March break or Easter), should be able to make a quick swing to see Tim in Buffalo. I'll be more prepared next time.
I'm so excited! My dealer called today to let me know that my build date is THIS WEEK! It's "Taffetta White w/ Touring Pkg" week in Canada.:D
I am so glad that I found this forum. It is the BEST! Thanks to everyone for all your valuable information.
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