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How could it be so damn hard to find out if the MDX nav system is identical or not to the 2003 Accord's? It's simply preposterous that you get different info from the dealer,,, brochures,, etc. What in the world is going on? Do we have to teach these people how to ride a back and eat with a spoon again? :mad:

It sure seems to me that IBM and Honda R&D developed the system but it has been flavored or packaged differently between the 2 cars. Touch by Voice feature for HVAC for example is exclusive to the accord. However it sure seems that the NAVIGATION-ONLY aspect of the system are identical. Same processing power and capacity, same screen, same graphics, same menu fonts and icons and recorded voices of the male/female voice.

It would be totally cool to have voice activated HVAC. Sweet.

God, I tell u guys, if my dad or uncle for example were like some "way up there" people in American Honda I would most definitely get a few people fired and answer the 100% truth for all of you. Ah...the joys of mafia style operations. :2:
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