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Accessory Backorders

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Just as luck would have it, Acura backordered me on a bunch of accessories, which may not release for up to a MONTH. They include:

cargo covers (both colors)
cargo nets
fender flares
tailgate deflectors
bodyside mouldings in silver and black

I'm fighting to get these accessories from other dealers to take care of the orders I have in presently (I should be able to cover them). We're going to make a day trip to two other dealers to get what we can, and try to get the rest drop-shipped from other dealers if they will cooperate. If you need these accessories, please email me before you place your order to check status. I've already spoke to corporate on this and it seems that their supply manager may now be in hot water.

Watch this thread as I'll be letting everyone know when stock arrives. In fact, if at all possible that I could get a few volunteers to help me with this, email me at [email protected] and I'll tell you what you can do to help me (and our fellow 'xers). I can't post details here, but I've got a plan.
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Thanks to the two people that helped out! :)

Where's everyone else? :confused:
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