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Hi Everyone

Long time honda/acura owner and I'm pretty good with fixing cars but can't seem to figure this one out. I'll save everyone the trouble of reading the story and will be using cliff notes:

- 2008 MDX
- Loud whining noise coming from underneath the driver front
- Replace tires with new Continental on all 4 with an alignment
- Noise is still there
- Thinking it's the driverside wheel bearing, I order a new one (non-oem)
- Received the new wheel bearing with the hub assembly.
- Process of removing the ABS sensor, I destroy it as it literally just broke off
- Ended up drilling whatever was left of the ABS sensor out.
- Order new ABS sensor (none-oem)
- Hammered out the old hub assembly out and installed the new one.
- Installed the new ABS sensor
- Installed the tire
- Went on a quick spin, no lights and all was good
- Went to work the next day and I got the ABS light, SH-AWD light, and VSA light on and running in limp mode where it's just the 2 fronts working.
- Went back to look at the install, hub looks good. Took out the ABS sensor and it looks good with everything still connected.

Now, questions for the group.

- Was there a special way to install the hub? I looked before installing it and did not see any special groove on the bearing side. I also made sure not to damage it when putting it in.
- Any other thoughts on why the ABS sensor is not reading?
- I dont have access to a ABS code reader and nothing pops up on a CEL reader.

Thanks in advance

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