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A (semi)-sad goodbye...

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Hi All,

I just wanted to give a parting note to all those who have answered my questions in the past... I cannot wait anymore for the MDX since we need a car ASAP. After looking at the RX300, we've decided that it is just as nice if not a bit nicer than the MDX. It is smaller, and I will miss the third row, but the important thing is that it is available, and that we like it.

I would have been happy with either car, but 10mo-1 year wait is just ridiculous... I was never even given a clear idea of where I stood in line. When I called to cancel, I was told "ok, send us the order form with a line accross it and we will send you the money". I was happy that it was painless, but a bit disturbed that the salesperson made no attempt to try and convince me otherwise (or even check for my spot on the list). If it is such a huge seller that the salesperson could care less about loosing mine and other's sales, it sounds like a raw deal for the buyer from the start.

I was going to pay MSRP and feel good about it. But oh well, It may hurt them later when demands slows down... for now, they'll enjoy the fruits of having a product on demand and they'll milk it for all it's worth. I just hope they put some of that money away for the thinner years :)

Thanks again to all for all your help!

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Took my x in for it's 7500 service the other day. Dealer still had no x's on the lot ( a white one was in the back waiting for delivery). They did have RX300's and an ML320 on the lot for sale though. ;)
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