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A (semi)-sad goodbye...

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Hi All,

I just wanted to give a parting note to all those who have answered my questions in the past... I cannot wait anymore for the MDX since we need a car ASAP. After looking at the RX300, we've decided that it is just as nice if not a bit nicer than the MDX. It is smaller, and I will miss the third row, but the important thing is that it is available, and that we like it.

I would have been happy with either car, but 10mo-1 year wait is just ridiculous... I was never even given a clear idea of where I stood in line. When I called to cancel, I was told "ok, send us the order form with a line accross it and we will send you the money". I was happy that it was painless, but a bit disturbed that the salesperson made no attempt to try and convince me otherwise (or even check for my spot on the list). If it is such a huge seller that the salesperson could care less about loosing mine and other's sales, it sounds like a raw deal for the buyer from the start.

I was going to pay MSRP and feel good about it. But oh well, It may hurt them later when demands slows down... for now, they'll enjoy the fruits of having a product on demand and they'll milk it for all it's worth. I just hope they put some of that money away for the thinner years :)

Thanks again to all for all your help!

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shouldn't of said goodbye

i'm in the tri-state area of ny and have to pay above msrp in order to get in two months. if the dealer was telling you longer it was there way of saying you had to pay above msrp. the demand is very high and there were other people that outbid you that's why there was the wait i researched for 9 months prior to my purchase and found out all the facts. i'm sorry to see that you went with the lexus because it is nice, but not the quality and drive of mdx. the lexus is narrower and has much less interior room. it is a little quiter not much since the improvement in the 2002 insulation. less horsepower, and most of all the navagation is user friendly and much more accurate and easier to read on the mdx. i'm sure you'll love the lexus and comparing all features like radio, navagation, size, and power you can't compare the lexus to the mdx they are different catagories. best of luck with the car, next time have to pay over msrp until the new plant opens and production increses which doesn't look like till next year maybe. have a great new year:D
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