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A (semi)-sad goodbye...

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Hi All,

I just wanted to give a parting note to all those who have answered my questions in the past... I cannot wait anymore for the MDX since we need a car ASAP. After looking at the RX300, we've decided that it is just as nice if not a bit nicer than the MDX. It is smaller, and I will miss the third row, but the important thing is that it is available, and that we like it.

I would have been happy with either car, but 10mo-1 year wait is just ridiculous... I was never even given a clear idea of where I stood in line. When I called to cancel, I was told "ok, send us the order form with a line accross it and we will send you the money". I was happy that it was painless, but a bit disturbed that the salesperson made no attempt to try and convince me otherwise (or even check for my spot on the list). If it is such a huge seller that the salesperson could care less about loosing mine and other's sales, it sounds like a raw deal for the buyer from the start.

I was going to pay MSRP and feel good about it. But oh well, It may hurt them later when demands slows down... for now, they'll enjoy the fruits of having a product on demand and they'll milk it for all it's worth. I just hope they put some of that money away for the thinner years :)

Thanks again to all for all your help!

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Bio....bummer dude, I was pullin' for ya. But I can fully understand the frustration of how you have been treated, plus the long wait exacerbated the situation.:(

As a former Lexus owner, I can say that Acura has a looooooong way to go to come close to how Lexus dealers treat their customers.

But hey, the RX300 is one fine SUV and you really can't go wrong......enjoy.....wish you the best.:)
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