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Just a note to let you know that due to the group buys, February was the biggest month we've ever had! A special thank you to those that ordered!

As well, because our volume nearly tripled for the last week of Feb, we were overloaded with orders which we made every effort to get out as fast as possible. I was here before 5 AM Thursday and Friday, and here on Saturday and we're still getting caught up. If you ordered painted accesories last week, I ask for your patience while they are being finished. I'd rather have them take an extra day or two and be right than to rush them out the door. And although the majority of our orders do ship the same day, please allow us 24-48 hours before your order is shipped, at least until things return to a dull roar (if they ever do :) ). Hopefully in the near future we will expand to a third person here in parts!

If you received your order, but are missing bodyside mouldings and/or cargo covers, they should be a day or two behind the rest of your order.....we had a temporary backorder situation to contend with. The base carriers for the 2002 model year should release by the end of next week from Acura, for those of you on the list.

Communications from here have suffered a little in the past week due to an intermittent email computer and increased call volume, and I thank you all for your patience and your business.
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