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I own a 2014 Acura MDX Tech and I'm considering replacing the factory wheels with 20" once it is time to replace my existing tires. I've located some aftermarket Honda Accord Sport 20" wheels that I think would look sharp on the MDX. They are from what I can tell identical specs to my existing OEM wheels (same 64.1 centerbore, 114x3 bolt pattern) but they are offered in either 8" or 8.5" width. The 8" version has the exact offset as the OEM wheels at +55M whereas the 8.5" version has a +45MM. If you were going to do this, would you select the 8" version or the 8.5"? Would either impact my tire selection? I suspect I will order the Pirelli Scorpion Verde A/S 20" tire when it is time. I'm looking for as close to OEM as possible and not looking to do anything more than changes the looks. For reference, here's a link to the 20", 8.5" version on ebay:

Your input is appreciated.
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