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dancall said:
You guys may not have deep enough snow to realize this but one of my complaints (in fact the only one) is that the MDX "pushes" through corners in snow. Normally, you can use the gas in 4 wheel drive to help pull you through the corners. This doesn't happen with the MDX and can be potentially dangerous. So be careful cornering in snow in the MDX.
Most AWD/4WD vehicles understeer. However, since the MDX is predominantely FWD-only, it acts just like a FWD vehicle which is why it pushes to the outside of the turn. Increasing the throttle may cause even more understeer, so take it easy and know the limits. Lift off on the throttle mid-way in a turn though, and the tail could get happy because of the nose heavy weight distribution. Again, something to watch out for on slippery surfaces.

Have fun
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