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3rd Row Seat Dangers

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As an FYI, have a look at this article:

Dangers lurk for kids in popular third-row seats

"When a minivan with a third-row occupant is hit from behind, the occupant is killed half the time, according to a Ford Motor analysis."
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This looks pretty good for frontal offset...

In the 40 mph frontal offset test, the 2001 Acura MDX's occupant compartment "held its shape extremely well, and the dummy went squarely into the airbag. This is an example of very good performance," O'Neill says. "The dummy injury measures were all low, indicating that a driver in a similar real-world crash should walk away with nothing worse than minor injuries."

Statistics compared to other SUV's

Repair costs of SUV's in 5pmh bumper crashes MDX faired the best...

For NHTSA gave it a 5 out of 5 star rating for side and 4 for rollover.

I haven't seen much data on rear crashes...
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