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$3500 over MSRP

1728 Views 5 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  RedMdxMemphis has the MDX for $3500 over MSRP. A little but crazy isn't it?
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Did you also notice that they tell you that the car is not available :)

CarsDirect is good, unless you are looking for high demand cars.

Since am in the Information Technology industry...I had initially known about CarsDirect from a company they had acquired called which competes directly with

I had built and design a DataCenter for Both uses massive search engines and have multiple contracts with dealers throughout the U.S. to market vehicles over the internet. The idear behind this internet business is the DotCom deliver the cars at your door via a flatbed truck, finance the car for you and provide the insurance for you right at their web-site. This is good for mainstream cars however because they have to resort to working on a resell contract basis with dealers....Cars like the MDX, the AUdi TT and what is consider high demand or "specialty" vehicle are difficult to source through Carsdirect.

Try buying a BMW Z8 or a Lates Range Rover or a Lamborghini Diablo.....heheheh...They cant help ya.
MDXtrous said: has the MDX for $3500 over MSRP. A little but crazy isn't it?
Hey, MDXtrous, they saw you were from Queens. :(

$3,500 is really not THAT bad in comparison with Paragon Acura of Queens.

I truly hope they are not one of those "3 dealerships" in your sig.
The three dealerships are: Westchester, Metro in Phiilly, and Denville, NJ, all at MSRP.

I quickly disregarded any dealer charging over MSRP including Paragon, Valley Stream, Rallye.
Edmunds' True Market Value info

With's True Market Value quote, MDX Touring with Navigation is at $41280 in my midsouth area.

I almost feel that price means if you want to get it "today", that would be the price you have to entice somebody to sell it to you. So I am glad to get my Red Rock .. even with a three month wait.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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