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Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd check to see what others are getting quoted for on the 30k Service. I'm only 1 tank full from 30k, so I've been checking prices around here in San Diego. Two of the dealers had to call me back, as they had yet to actually work on an MDX at 30k miles . This is what I got:

San Diego Dealer (Cush Acura): $494 :eek:, but they have this coupon that will match "Any Dealer" coupon, went on the internet, found a coupon from Acura of Mission Viejo for 15% off any "Major" Service, so it'd come out to $420

Carlsbad (Hoehn Acura): $382

National City (Ball Acura): $398, they were actually the only service dept. to say they've actually done a couple.

Overall, I think they're all nuts! Service person from Hoehn was nice enough to run through some of the things they'll do:

Change Oil and Filter
Change VTM
Change Transmission Fluid
Change Air Filter
Change Dust/Pollen (Micron) Filter
Adjust/Tighten all Bolts/Tie Rods (I figure this has something to do with the whole infamous "THUD" fiasco

And everything else he mentioned, can't remember them all, but all I do remember is the word "Inspect". So basically, I figure I'm paying a heck of alot for alot of "Inspection".

Anyways, would really like to know, what others have been quoted, or even better, what others have actually paid!

Thanks :D
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