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Hello everyone.

We got a 2017 MDX about six months ago. We did not get the tech package, so we do not have heated seats for the 2nd row bench seats.

I was going to install aftermarket seat heater, while I have installed heater elements for the previous four generations of Pathfinders, 2010 genesis coupe, and three generations of VW's. There seems to be zero pictures on what the tabs that hold the back panel of the 2nd row looks like.

I really do not feel like yanking on it in wrong direction and breaking any tabs, so I searched this forum and I do not see any posting on "2nd row removal", "2nd row upholstery", "2nd row leather".

Or if there are exploded views of the 2nd row seats (bench), and someone can point me in that direction, I'd appreciate it.

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