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2nd Gen Transmission Filter(s) ?

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Howdy all,

My wife's 2009 needs trans and diff fluid replaced, 'B13' or something like that. Our trusted wrench asked about replacing the transmission filter. I can't imagine why you would NOT replace the filter, but I'm seeing conflicting information about the actual filter(s).

- Auto parts sites (Rockauto, Acura dealer, Amazon, AutoZone, etc.) show different sorts of filters:
- in-line canister, apparently external to the trans. Youtube vids show it below the battery
- pleated-medium filter cartridge, apparently internal to the trans, since the kit comes with a pan gasket
- molded-plastic part, apparently a screen-type filter, also internal to the trans

Another MDXer here replaced his filter and cut it open, to discover some really disgusting sludge inside. Not sure if that's normal or an extreme case. I don't like the idea of leaving that kind of gunk in there though.

So I have questions:
- Is it a good idea to change the filter? Necessary? Some sources say it's not accessible or serviceable.
- Which dang filter is the correct one? Are there two?
- What should I expect to pay my guy for the whole service? He owns the shop and always gives us the neighbor deal, but I want to be fair to him too.

Thanks all, this is a great forum!
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Yes, there is a filter INSIDE the tranny and there is NO transmission pan.

I have not replaced the filter. I just replace fluid on time.
I recently replaced my ATF for the 3rd time at about 95k miles. To my surprise, there was still quite a bit of sticky stuff on the drain plug. (There was almost nothing on the drain plug of the rear diff.) This clearly indicates that the wear and tear of the transmission does not slow down a lot with passage of time. But I guess as long as my car can last 200k miles, this is all expected.
Thanks all. I'll just have them replace the fluid and skip the filter. It sounds like a colossal PITA to get to.
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