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This is a completely electronic system. You can diagnose all the buttons with a multimeter or a Honda HDS scanner (my preferred way of doing). Essentially, all the buttons on the steering wheel go to a body Input / Output module called MICU, mounted under the dashboard kick panel on the driver's side.
From there, they are transmitted through the body network (called B-CAN) to the instrument cluster board, which acts as a network gateway between the body network and the drivetrain network (called F-CAN).
The engine control module operates on the F-CAN and receives commands (e.g. cruise control on, off, set, +/-) from the instrument cluster gateway and process them to the throttle body servomotor and other drivetrain components.

In your case, it could be worn clock spring spiral cable on the steering wheel or water ingress into the under-dash fuse/relay module (MICU) that receives and processes the buttons.

In terms of fuses - it's Fuse #7 (10A) in the under-dash fuse/relay module and Fuse #11 (15A) in main under-hood fuse box (small box next to the battery).
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