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Hi! Im new to the community but I also want to help you guys! So I have had a problem with my 09 MDX And recently fixed it.

Let me tell you

Firstly I had my MDX Locked And 12 hrs go by and I go to unlock it. So dead that the power seats and steering wheal would not move to my position. I try to start it all the lights on tellin me TPMS System and AWD And all this non sence. It was caused by my Bluetooth Module dieing! Now to the solution

Have this? Well Read

First Open the center console And Pry on the back of the Rear AC Backing

Then There is a black module In it Dissconect it

Now the car wont start

Take a jumper or in my case my Dad's 2016 TLX

And Jumpstart it But wait 3 Minutes for the power to go to all the modules

Now your going to be prompted on the NAV If you have it for a code If you have base model use the Radio Code

I Hope this helps! Need any help? reply to the thread!
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