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The premium fuel criterion shouldn't be an issue. That amounts to $70-$100 per year extra and if you are considering a $35K-$40K vehicle you are being penny-wise and pound foolish. The mileage criterion is a tougher one since mileage is almost directly linked to vehicle weight. Not much if anything out there that is lighter than the MDX and still offers as much interior room. If you can live with less room you can get that mileage with a Subaru Outback wagon which is lighter than the MDX but don't know about the vehicles others have suggested. The distance to the dealer is the killer. If I lived 200 miles from the closest Acura dealer, I wouldn't buy it unless I was prepared to do all the routine maintenance myself which is something you could consider. However, warranty repairs would be a real pain. You might want to pm lmeans who lives about 120 miles from her dealer to investigate the inconvenience she has had to endure with trying to get some warranty repairs. My suggestion is the Oldsmobile Bravada or the Mercury Mountaineer with the V8. Both are AWD but I believe are heavier than the MDX so you may not get as good mileage and both have had recalls I believe also.
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