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2nd BEST

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After all the good reviews I read, I have to agree that ZAINO is the best. Now, if I don't want (or don't have time) to Zaino, what would be your suggestion for me to use on my MDX? ZYMOL, MEGUIAR Gold Class, P21S or What. :confused:

There seems to be a very good review at ""on the P21S, has anyone here used that product yet? However, that same website didn't give Zymol or Meguiars a good feedback. Anybody here have good experience on the Zymol or Meguiars? :rolleyes: Thanks.
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Other waxes

I actually got good input regarding the P21S from Octavian from this board through PM. He had good experience on the P21S and would recommend it as a second choice. I ordered a P21S car care kit for about $39 that includes a paint cleanser(pre-wax), paste wax, car shampoo and wheel cleaner-looks like a good deal to me.;) I chose P21S with an impression that it's an easy application and will last long (hopefully). I'll find out soon!

I also checked some detailing message boards and they had good comments on the P21S as well as a lot of good feedback on the 3M imperial glaze/One Grand Blitz wax combo. I didn't find any good comments on the Zymol stating that it's all hype and pricey- Zymol was one of my choice,too.

Well, just thought I'd share these findings.
Thanks for the update...looking forward to your report after you use the P21S.

It'll be interesting to know how long it takes to apply and how long it lasts (in addition to how good it looks, too, of course).
I am 3 weeks into P21S on my Ody (Zaino still on my MDX). I REALLY liked how easy it was to apply...after I put on the polish with an orbital and removed with cotton towels....I slapped on the P21S. It went on like butter and came off just as easy with NO residue. And this is a Carnauba-based wax!

So far, the Ody looks great. Keep in mind that I wash it every week and apply Griots Speed Shine after every wash, so the shine keeps on going.

Keep in mind also that the Ody is Mesa Beige and my MDX is Black (well, speckled blue/black!). Zaino works great on my MDX so I am sticking with it.

Bottom line, if you like carnaubas, P21S is very impressive. If you like synthetics, Zaino certainly is my choice.
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