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29.7mpg! Nah!!..

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Today just to check outside temp I pressed trip comp. And I noticed that my mpg is 29.7mpg. I don't think it's correct. I'm a lead foot for the past two fill ups to test it's worst mpg. I am expecting 16-18 mpg but after 95 miles left for range this is the reading. There's something wrong.
One time also I am at the stop light slightly uphill(if that matters) and the mpg(the dynamic mpg clock) got stuct at 50mpg! Could this be it?

If that is the problem, it's a software glitch that needs to be checked. I'll make some phone calls tomorrow to area dealers in Austin, San Antonio, Houston if this is a known issue.


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I average 17-18 MPG at 30MPH almost consistently and need to fill up at around 300-320 mi. I've tried different gas, octanes and driving habits but it doesn't appear to make much difference for me. Most of my daily drive is stop-and-go highway.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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