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29.7mpg! Nah!!..

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Today just to check outside temp I pressed trip comp. And I noticed that my mpg is 29.7mpg. I don't think it's correct. I'm a lead foot for the past two fill ups to test it's worst mpg. I am expecting 16-18 mpg but after 95 miles left for range this is the reading. There's something wrong.
One time also I am at the stop light slightly uphill(if that matters) and the mpg(the dynamic mpg clock) got stuct at 50mpg! Could this be it?

If that is the problem, it's a software glitch that needs to be checked. I'll make some phone calls tomorrow to area dealers in Austin, San Antonio, Houston if this is a known issue.


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"BTW, what happened to your temperature display?"

I took the shot with engine off.

If you look at the TRIP, I have 388 miles with this tank so I'm pretty much toward empty. Last I remember I got about 95miles more. Averaging 29mpg in Austin traffic is wonderful if correct. Almost at par with a Civic.

Also I've been complaining here before about getting 17mpg average with feather-feet 50/50 city/hway, oh well...

TheWorm said:
Is the 388 mile trip correct?! We fill up around 300 mi (1/4 tank left) and run 16.5-17 mostly city, avg speed 25.

Important: Does your 388 on the navi display reconcile with the trip function on the odometer (dash)? If so, you might actually be getting that mileage, although that's still pretty high mph at a 45-50 avg average clip according to Ghost's old MPG data collection.
I just checked. the dash trip odo does not reconcile at all. And I didn't reset it.

It reads 14.5 miles while the trip computer says 388 miles. Could it be that its been 14.5 miles since mess up?
..and look at my glove box, it's misaligned too.
TheWorm said:

Nah -- you gotta manually reset the TRIP A/B deal on the odo seperately. The nav and trip computer aren't attached to it. I was hoping maybe you had reset it since it's a different system altogether...
Nah! not at all.
Or did it hit 999miles?
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