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2024 MDX Type-S

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Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but have been eyeballing a Type-S Advance for some time. I’ve read a bunch of nightmare stories. I’ve read some positive ones. I’m looking to possibly buy a 2024 or 2025. I’m not in a rush to get rid of my current SUV which only has 40k miles, but ultimately want something bigger with a 3rd row. Does anyone have any legit information on all the changes with the 2024 Type-S? Did they fix any of the issues? Thanks in advance!
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My 2022 Type S has been free of significant problems over 9k miles except for the sunroof glass seal which has been fixed in newer models. Little things like a creak in the steering wheel that went away or a little fraying in the stitching on the dash that I cleaned up... no big deal.

There are at least a thousand problem free cars out there to every 1 you read a problem about here on the forum. Nobody makes an account to post that there is nothing wrong... except for us forum junkies.
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22 had some issues as it went in production in 21
23 are almost problem free, you do find some that have some bugs but most are perfect
24 has zero changes on outside they replaced wood trim inside with aluminium look alike , still do not know if it looks better or worse, I sort of love wood touches
My has been great , knock on wood :), my is 23 and got it in February 10
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Acura usually will do 3 model years (22, 23, & 24) and then a Mid-Model-Change (MMC) for the start of the 4th model year (25, 26, 27, & 28). There is a good chance the entire MDX line up will be updated in 2025 (base, tech, Adv, Aspec, and Type S). If you can wait, you can pick between the 2024 or +MMC 2025. We won't know what update the MMC MDX will get until it is months away from the showroom floor.
Thanks for all the input so far!
Thanks for all the input so far!
Stay away from 23 base and tech. Acura says transmission whine is normal. Bunch of crap.
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