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2023 Type S new tires 295/40/21

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I just put these new conti’s dws 06 plus’ on today. I have stock tires with w/ 3k miles and set of type s all weather mats (3 rows). If interested hit me up. Here’s the new tires…
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Interesting…it will cause a couple of MPH in speedo accuracy as you get above 70MPH and it will cost in fuel economy slightly too.

The tire also specs a 10-11-5” rim width and stock Type S wheels are 21 x 9.5”, so I definitely wouldn’t want to go wider than 295 that’s for sure.

Taller tire will affect cornering too, more flex due to increased sidewall height.

the stick rims have no issues with the 295’s. Plenty of room and the stock rims have no issues with 295. Easily fit 305 but unsure if they fit in fender wheel that big. .
Get that you have your reasons, that’s fair…I mostly posted for other folks that might be curious.

Did you look at similar sized tires that had a rim protector band feature in the sidewall?

I was hoping to go a bit wider myself, but thinking about going with the Michelin Pilot Sport and then adding a spare so I don’t have to do run-flats or self-sealing tires…I hate them generally speaking.

I'm tracking all, I was simply saying it won't be enough of an effect for me to care. The need for more sidewall is the reason I bought them. My wife rubbed the drivers side rims on a curb, if I would have had an extra 1/4" sidewall it would never have happened. That's the main reason. According to discount tire anything wider than a 295 won't fit but they are usually very conservative. I do appreciate the info and insight though.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts