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2023 Type S new tires 295/40/21

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I just put these new conti’s dws 06 plus’ on today. I have stock tires with w/ 3k miles and set of type s all weather mats (3 rows). If interested hit me up. Here’s the new tires…
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….but I bought over 50 cars last year during the car craze.
Nate, Yeah ummmmm credible. Good info.

Ian, yeah ummmmmm maybe try decaf?

I’ve been running 20mm wider on Acura rims for 12 years, 3 different cars (2G MDX, RDX, RLX) plus my 2001 Yukon, with no problems and good results. I’ve been matching the profile to the extra width to keep the speedometer and odometer true. But I don’t mind going a little taller at first …. Because when any new tire wears down from new 11/32” to mid-life 7/32” the speedometer is also affected in opposite direction of the original taller tire.

Have been wondering what I’ll do w my MDX -S but for now plan to keep the OEM till they wear down. I surely will go 10mm wider but probably keep same 40 profile. IMO it’s always a good idea to go at least 10mm wider. One day I might need the incremental rubber and that’ll sure be worth more than the incremental fuel economy, is what I think.
… Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3? They are highest rated SUV/Crossover all season tire on Tirerack.
I had two sets of these on the 2010 MDX-Tech I recently sold to get into my 2023 MDX-S. This is a fantastic tire. I don’t remember the exact size but I think I went +20mm wider and changed profile from 55 to 50. Great tires. Will consider Pirelli Scorpions again for my MDX-S.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts