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2023 Type S new tires 295/40/21

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I just put these new conti’s dws 06 plus’ on today. I have stock tires with w/ 3k miles and set of type s all weather mats (3 rows). If interested hit me up. Here’s the new tires…
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I normally love Michelin tires but the Michelin will ride rougher being more sport tuned.

Michelin best, better comfort and performance, but its close.
So you had the PS AS 4+ and the conti DWS 06 on the same car? Thats like 80k miles worth of tires you must do a lot of driving.
IDK man, I'd trust the person conducting scientific tests and providing objective measurements in controlled situations. Like I said the DWS 06 are close but lets not call them "more comfortable" when objectively they are not.

Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug.
So if I’’m reading the size and understanding, these are just wider (275 -> 295) , not taller (40->40)
so only impact would be gas mileage and nothing else.
Stock is: 275/40 R21

Edit: never mind, I see that 40 is % of the width 295.
On a related note, would 275/45 or 275/50 would provide more height without increasing width, right?
Yes, that is correct. However you really shouldnt be adding sidewall height by increasing tire size on this car. Its done on off road vehicles that have lower drive ratios.

If you want more sidewall you should downsize the wheels.
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