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2023 MDX Advance Dash Noise by HUD

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I have a 2023 MDX Advance which I picked up in January and now has ~4,000 miles. I live in the Midwest and as the temperatures have increased, I've noticed a few rattling noises emanating from my driver side dashboard area:

1) Plastic Rattling by HUD - When driving over uneven roads, particularly at speeds >45 mph, I hear a plastic rattling noise coming from the HUD area. I'm able to replicate this by tapping the sides of the instrument cluster "hood" as pictured below. It sounds like the noise is mainly coming from the front of the HUD area which borders the portion of the dash just below the window. This began as the temperatures increased this spring and wasn't an issue when colder out.

2) Rustling Noise from Driver Side A-Pillar - This noise is less consistent but there's sort of a soft rustling noise / occasional rattle coming from the driver side A-pillar - from what I can tell, the lower portion which plugs into the dash area.

3) Clicking from Driver Side Door - This noise is also less consistent but appears to come from where the plastic trim surrounding the door handle meets the ambient lighting assembly towards the front of the door (close to the vent).

Is anyone experiencing similar issues? And, most importantly, has anyone been able to fix? I'm going to take this to the dealership but wanted to gather feedback as I'm fully expecting the service techs to say they're unable to replicate or that they've never heard of these problems before.


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I normally keep my MDX in the garage but when it’s a hot day out and it’s been sitting directly in the sun, I do hear dash creaks or popping noises when running the AC. I assume this is expansion and contraction of the plastics /tabs etc. It is temporary.

If you believe there is a constant noise coming from the dash area circled in red in the photo you provided, then a solution might be to add some foam “door seal” that comes in a roll at Home Depot or Lowe’s.
I believe the HUD already has some foam strips on it that prevent noise contact but maybe adding some to the underside of the panel would help as well.
Thanks - I agree it’s definitely related to the dash expanding from sitting in the sun but it doesn’t seem like all the components settle back in as they’re supposed to. It’s rainy and 50 degrees here and there are still rattling noises coming from somewhere inside the dash behind the speedometer and around the HUD.

I’ve got a service appointment with Acura on Thursday to have them take a look but am a bit nervous to have them pull apart the dashboard and potentially create new rattles.
I definitely have rattle #1. Great diagram BTW. Any luck with the service appointment?
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Ours has 4k miles and rarely sits out in the sun except when shopping and some weekends for kids sports and the rattle has already started. Making a list for the dealer when we get our first service. I don't want to start prying on the plastic bit though unless I know exactly how it's put together.
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