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2023 Cargo Net Install - how to remove rear trim panel

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Hello, I'm trying to install the cargo net and need to remove the rear trim panel in order to drill the hole and install the clip. Haven't been able to find instructions online for the 2023 MDX to remove the rear trim panel. Does anyone know how to remove this panel or where instructions can be found?
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Thank you for the file. The trim isn't pulling off even with a tremendous amount of pulling. I'm using plastic trim tools to get under the trim panel but don't want to pull so hard that the trim panel breaks.
My dealer installed the cargo net for me and broke the driver side trim panel. Of course they replaced it for free but the panel would cost $300 if purchased separately.
Maybe my write up here will help? Clips tend to take force to pull off. Make sure your pulling normal in the direction of the clips orientation

Thank you everyone for the help! I needed to pull a bit harder to pop off the panel. At first it felt like excessive amount of pulling since I was concerned about breaking the trim piece. All is well and appreciate all of your assistance :)
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