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2023 Acura MDX - Infotainment turned off - car shut down

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I bought a new 2023 Acura MDX in February and within 4 weeks I am facing an issue with the infotainment system going blank and when I returned home and parked the car in garage hoping it would turn on next day (may be some software glitch) but it didn't and it showed a battery low message the next day. When I started the car, it was normal except infotainment system not working. I was out couple of days and did not dare to take the MDX for the trip. On my return, car was completely shut down - probably battery was fully drained out. Seems like a infotainment system issue that is draining out the battery based on few discussions on this forum. It is being towed to the dealer but I am concerned to even hold on to this car considering this has been a issue with few of them. Can someone please suggest me options on what can I do? I bough this car on Feb 11th, 2023 and found this issue on March 10th, 2023.
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I had a similar issue in the first few weeks as well....I had to jump start the car twice. Brought it to the dealer who reinstalled the software and I have had no issues since.
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