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Hi, has anyone been having issues with their touchpad when you are using google maps on Android Auto ?
Mines just started a few days ago. Like it works fine everywhere except on google maps. Like after I click on the place I wanna go. I can not swap or click on anything. I have to click the back button first before I can see the anything I'm hovering off. Then after I select lets say settings. I can not scroll up or down, unless I click home, then go back in.
It has been driving me crazy because I can't not select or see alt routes and stuff when I'm on the road. I have already redid the connects on my phone to car, and ever reset all my settings with factory reset. Anyone have any ideas?
Also thank you all for the help with hitch stuff from before. It came out nicely !
I've had the same issue the last week or so...
It's a Google Maps issue that's been reported online.
Using "OK Google. Navigate to..." seems to work...
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