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2022 Key Fob Cover

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Has anyone found a cover for their Key Fob to save it from scratches. I have the Adv Package with the engine start. Cant seem to find anything on the net
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Is the +22 MDX with remote start key fob larger, smaller, different shape from the 3rd Gen fob? It might take some time for aftermarket to come out with a fob cover if the size is different from the 3rd Gen MDX.

I have a 19 MDX Adv hybrid with remote start with the X-large fob. I found a nice looking fob cover that comes in different colors. My 4 fobs for my 18 RLX and 19 MDX all look alike. The color coded fob covers help tell them apart at a glance. They have a mesh front and you can see the buttons and light if you need to manually lock/unlock or use the remote start.

Amazon, $14

Hers: Blue (MDX) and red (RLX) for exterior colors
Mine: Graystone (MDX) and ebony (RLX) for interior colors
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I bought the same one for my 2022 MDX. It fits ok but I found it a bit bulky. Waiting for the ones for 2022 to come out.
I just keep my key in my pocket when I need them and don't have to pull it out to lock, unlock, or pop the hatch. The wife does the same and keeps her keys in her purse 100% of the time. I like the large quick release hook for my mail box/door key I can quickly switch between fobs.
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