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The next model change for the Acura MDX will be the 2021 model. It should be released in the fall of 2020 which is 3 years away. I have a 2016 MDX. Would you get the 2018 MDX for 2 years and then flip into a 2021 in 2020 or would you hold off?

The 2018 has a lot of upgrades vs the 2016 such as:

1. Molded park distance sensors.
2. New hood and grill.
3. Horizontal LED driving lamps.
4. Piping in the leather seats.
5. Dual exhaust
6. Auto high beams.
7. Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

Thoughts??? I am either going to get a 2018 MDX or keep my 2016 and buy a BMWF800GS.
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