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I didn't have any grime issue like that on my 2014 MDX when I replaced the rotors/pads (myself) at about 70K miles in order to get rid of excess braking shimmying like you described on yours. I went with aftermarket rotors (since the OEMs were what I was feeling with the shimmying) and OEM pads, since they were lasting a surprisingly long period of time.

As to the excess grime on your calipers - it's hard to say why it's there. Maybe it's just due to a lot of road gunk in your area or maybe a prior owner or mechanic, or low level brake swapper, applied grease there which in turn attracted dirt and grime.

It looks like you did a good job of cleaning it out. It's worth a check in 6 months or so to see if they're staying mostly clean or if they're gunking up again.

At just a couple years old an 37K miles I'd be surprised if it had a brake job prior to what you did so it's likely mostly road gunk. I live in San Diego so we have almost no road gunk due to no snow and little rain but if you live in the rust belt there's all kinds of gunk and corrosion going on there.

Another possibility - grease being thrown at it from a torn CV axle boot. I assume you checked those since you sound pretty savvy on auto mechanics.
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