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First of all, consider NOT reading the rest of this thread. You've already signed the paperwork, right? If so, you shouldn't care about the deal, because there is nothing you can do to change it! The correct time to ask these questions is BEFORE you sign the paperwork.

If you really want to continue... do so at your own risk.

Is that $1850 your total paid at lease inception? Or is it a true "down" (capitalized cost reduction)??

Also, 12,000 kms (kilometers) is an ODD lease for Arizona. Do you mean 12,000 miles?

If you provide more information we can give you better responses.

My assumptions:

  • NO trade-in.
  • $1,850 was your total out-of-pocket at lease inception.
  • 12,000 miles / year for 3 years
  • I believe the money factor for the MDX on a 12/36 lease is 0.00092.
  • I don't know what the bull**** "doc fee" is in your area -- and I don't know if your dealers will "bend" on that B.S. fee... So I'll just assume $500 and that they won't do a deal without it.
  • Acura usually charges an acquisition fee, so we'll say $595.

In my honest opinion, you probably did NOT get a great deal.

2018 Acura MDX FWD has a MSRP of $45,195.
TrueCar shows a Phoenix market average of $41,759.

You can BEAT TrueCar if you try... But for this analysis I'll just use their price since it is "easily obtainable" by anyone with minimal effort.

With my previous assumptions, I show a monthly payment of $531 including tax (Phoenix area) and a drive-off cost of $1,476 (1st month payment + registration fees)

So right off the bat you left about $40 per month on the table plus over-paid startup costs by $375 (about $1,814 over the life of the loan).

You mention a higher out-of-pocket cost than my calculations would expect -- so I assume you put at least SOME capitalized cost reduction... Unfortunately, that makes your situation even worse, as capitalized cost reduction should reduce your monthly price -- and you're already paying too much.


P.S. If any of my assumptions were wrong, please provide additional information and I can re-run the numbers.
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