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Hey guys,

I researched a lot on this forum and looks like most of the people who installed them had it on the older models. Anyone recently install these on their 17s? I thought about advance running boards but read of people complaining about an annoyance when entering/exiting the car where legs would rub off on the boards. I personally do not need them in the front as the MDX is pretty low to the ground. Thats the reason I was leaning towards the rear step boards or the sports running boards. My primary reason to add these would be (besides aesthetics) so that my young kids and my older in laws can enter/exit in the back of the car. Those who have these, is it really useful? I cannot find an MDX with these near me so I cannot try and test it out myself. Also, those with these have thoughts/advice on installing themselves? The instructions seem straightforward here but any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anyone find it cheaper than this? $530 shipped - Genuine OEM 2014-2017 Acura MDX Running Boards (Rear Step) | eBay

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