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Hello All,
I’m a first-time poster. I recently purchased a 2017 MDX w/ Navi & Tech package.
I just installed new winter tires w/ 18” rims (OEM spec). The new sensors are Autel 315/433 Mhx rubber stem mx.
My local Goodyear Tire dealer did the install, including the sensors. They did the re-learn with the Autel Diagnostic & Program tool.
After driving for about 15 miles, the TPMS light came on and the 4 tires were reading 0 psi? I went back to the dealer and they did another re-learn, but the same thing occurred after only about 5 miles?
I checked on the CARiD website and the Autel sensors are compatible for the MDX. My dealer has said that they haven’t had any issues with the Autel sensors over the past couple years?
I did call Acura dealership where I purchased the MDX and talked with their service dept. They said that 1 faulty sensor would cause all 4 to read 0 psi, but after both re-learns, the 4 sensors were all reading within 2 psi of each other?
Is there a step or steps the tire dealer has missed with the re-learn process, causing this to happen, or is it just likely a faulty sensor?
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
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