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I am about to decide upon a 2017 MDX Adv SHAWD with or w/o the entertainment package

--> Does the 2 added speakers ( 12) in the Adv Entertainment pack add sound benefit to the stereo vs ( 10) with just the Adv package?

( i do realize the entertainment system & the 2nd row bench add alternate bene's as well)

Nav system.. Oh Boy... I have a '14 TL SHAWD Advance and comparing it the '17 MDX infomat - I am a little concerned about the sluggishness , screen clarity and review view camera view clarity.
--> Has Acura Improved these features since launching the '17 MDX ?
--> Are they worse in some versions then others ?

Question 3:

I am actually fine leaving the car in sport mode to gain speed and steering precision

--> I presume you can defeat the idle stop - correct ?

--> Is the any major hesitation of the line at low speeds ?

thanks so much !

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I have had both the 16 Adv and Adv+Ent. The extra speakers don't add anything for normal use (they are targeted towards when you want 2 different rear A/V playing at the same time.

Sluggishness: Yes it is... I find the MDX's infotainment to be slower than my 09 TL Tech SW-AWD (which I never found slow). The screen resolution is higher though.

Rear clarity: as long as the camera doesn't have dirt, it''s very clear.

Defeating idle stop: It can be done: 1. press button every time you start the car, 2 turn on defrosters, 3 keep foot slightly depressed at a stop, 4, mess with fuse box.

Hesistation at low speeds: Not in comparision to the TL though the engine doesn't roar as loud.
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