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2017 mdx hybrid advance rattle/rubbing sound coming from glove box area

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It's not the glove box itself, but it sounds like there's something rattling/rubbing in there when you're driving over rough roads. It was even worse on my 2016 mdx tech sh-awd.

Can't hear it at all if you're driving on smooth roads.

The sound could possibly be even louder in the summer when things expand because of the heat.

Just would like to know if anybody else has had this issue and if so how did they fixed it or dealt with it.

There has been a similar thread 10 years ago, but no solution for 3rd gen. Glove Box door rattle

But I don't think the sound is coming from glove box door itself.

Thanks for the responses.
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Step one, empty your glove box
Step two - take out your cabin filter and make sure it's not associated with that. Maybe a rodent placed some nuts in there.

The cabin filter is behind the glove box and is simple to remove.
I'm a bit hesitant to take things apart, because it feels every time you take stuff apart and put it back, it's just never as tight as it originally was and now I'm just inducing more vibration in the area from loosing plastics and rubber seals.
I agree with this point. It's a matter of annoyance level as to whether it's worth pursuing too much.

Maybe try putting something in the glove box, like the owner manual (if you have one) or other non-rattly heavier item. Maybe that'll make a difference.
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