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Hi all,
first post here, but have had our 2017 Advance since Sept. We have our 3rd child on the way soon, and for reasons not really important for my question, I would like to remove the 2nd row center console.

I know that I'll have to deal with exposed USB cables and probably unfinished carpeting, etc. once removed. But I'd like this area to be an "aisle" to the 3rd row for my 4 year old. The whole "scoot the 2nd row seat forward and release the handle to have her enter" is not an answer I am seeking. I am looking to see if a.) anyone else has removed it, and/or b.) has access to some type of service manual on where it it bolted down and how to get to them to unbolt.

I appreciate the help. Thanks in advance! (pun intended)
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