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I have a 2016 MDX. Lately, in my area Ottawa they were a lot of theft of Lexus and Toyota.
I want to protect my car , but not putting a club which the key is easy to bypass.
I am an electronic engineer, and i had an idea. My car has for drive a push button. Of course this it is an input to some processor i assume, so the current will be small. Even the voltage i believe it is 5 volts, and few milliamps. What i want to do is to put a relay under the console which i can close it with a wireless remote push button or using an RFID card.
My problem is that i do not know which wires are and how to dismantle the console.
An alternative it might be to put the relay after one of the fuse, but again, i do not have any diagram to look.
Can anybody help me and give me some guidance.
I can share with you the whole system after i make it, but except the electronic part i do not know anything related to cars.
The relay i can use is 5-10 amps up to 30 volts.
The receiver, being inside of the car is not a problem for power 5 volts from 12 down and 100 milliamps.
I am looking forward for some info
Thank you
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