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I haven't seen any posts here about a weird crack on the roof like that. I wonder what happened to it. The doors look like perhaps they were over-extended on opening causing the dents.

I'd just avoid buying this MDX unless it's really a super good deal and even then I'd have it checked out by a good body shop 'before' buying it to get an idea of what might've happened and how much it'd cost to fix. Remember than whatever cost you have in your head for the fix is likely not nearly high enough - body shop work is expensive.

Since this MDX has been around the block and hasn't received the best care, I'd also take it to a decent mechanic for an inspection 'before' buying it to see if there are any red flags including possible body/component damage underneath.

Notice the emphasis on 'before' buying it (tons of people make the mistake of having it inspected 'after' they buy it - or never have it inspected at all until something breaks.).
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