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If you aren't sure whether something is plastic, test it with a magnet. A magnet won't stick to aluminum either though.

I'd pass on this one. No reason a Tesla won't get the job done if you can easily charge at home. Any EV will have a full battery every morning if you have a proper 220V charge outlet available. Then you have ~250 miles to use every day away from the house without a recharge. Still see what your needs are vs what an EV can do. Towing anything of size cuts the range by half. The cold will take a toll on the range until the batteries warm UNLESS it was on charge overnight. Plus, you can set a timer to have the interior of the car warmed up while it is still plugged in so it is warm when you leave each day. Batteries last north of 150K miles (warrantied that long) and some owners are reporting batteries lasting beyond 250K miles. And the battery can be repaired so you don't need to replace the whole battery. And all this is true of any EV on the market.

We'll stick with our MDX (travel vehicle) for the next decade at least. Our local vehicle - a 20+ year old CRV will eventually be replaced with an EV. Any EV exceeds our needs for that vehicle.
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