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Hi all,

I just upgraded the wife's 2014 Ford Escape Titanium to this. We haven't had it long and I am looking into a few accessories to add:
Advance Running Boards - Acura (08L33-TZ5-201)
Cross Bars - Acura (08L04-TZ5-201)
Roof Rails - Acura (08L02-TZ5-201)
Bumper, Applique, Rear - Acura (08P48-TZ5-200)

-I was wondering if anyone has attempted to add HDMI to the back entertainment system? It seems that is only available with the advanced trim model.

-Are there other things I should look at while my warranty is in full effect for another 10k miles?

We did upgrade to the 6 yr/60,000 mile warranty
Current mileage 38,582
Price paid after tax/license/fees: $38100 (Platinum warranty was $3500)

Bought it from a Honda dealership. Already made an appointment to have the local Acura dealership do a once over and look at some concerns of mine. First thing of business was to remove the hideous pink license plate frames.


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