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Hi All - the radio unit in my 2016 MXD is not turning on. Background of the issue:

  • Digitizer of the radio unit was broken, and has since been repaired.
  • Put the head unit back, connected all cables.
  • All buttons work, but screen doesn't turn on.
  • When I click on the input or volume button on the steering wheel as message on the dash says 'Power Off'
My assumption: the radio is not getting power.

What I tried:
  • Checked fuse 15 under the hood; no issues (I switched it with another one, which didn't work either)
  • Removed the battery for 5-mins. It now prompts me to enter the security code but the radio screen won't turn on and 'Power Off' message persists.
What other troubleshooting should I try? Are there any other fuses I should check?

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