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Is this Navi System any good

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I cannot trust my Navi system. It makes routing decisions that are very wrong. More than once it has directed me to go in the wrong direction and then it later corrects the error and sends me back to the point where the error occurred.
It also sometimes, takes me to the wrong address.
In the most recent incident, it put me on an interstate for about 10 miles and then directed me to exit, make a left, take a left, get back on the interstate, return to the point where I got on and sent me on down the road to my ultimate destination. When I got there it placed the destination about a block away from its actual position.
The other thing it does wrong is issues ETAs that are wildly wrong. It projected 1 hour 20 minutes for a destination that actually took 18 minutes.
The dealer does not seem able to address these issues.
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