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Hello All,

This just happened to me over the weekend:
2016 Acura MDX 11,000 miles.

I was parked, with the car running, and on a phone call, when both center displays went blank!
As of now, anything that was accessible from the console is dead.
No Radio, No way to control the A/C. It blows air at highest setting (last setting I had the A/C On)
basically anything you controlled through the center display panel is DEAD,...BLANK...pushing the daisies from six feet under.
What I tried so far:
Turned off the car, and restarted it... No Change.
Disconnected the Positive from the Battery. No Change
Pulled all the fuses (all three locations engine compartment, driver side, passenger side) one by one and plugged them back in.... No change
Also none of the fuses were burned out!

Anyone had this issue happened to their MDX?
Planning to take the car to the dealer this week.

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